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Groove Love Kids

I accompany your children professionally and soundly in the areas of music, dance, performing games, yoga, Pilates and language sponsorship with the help of artistic means. This gives children everything they need to feel comfortable in their bodies and their artistic inclinations.

Body, Mind and Soul in harmony from the beginning.

Playful and creative and with a lot of fun, a lot of patience and a smiling heart, I accompany every child with the creative means at my disposal. Use art and movement to promote artistic and creative skills and enjoy the regular hobby.

Improving school performance and personality development.

Every child has the natural urge to move and communicate; You will receive various resources to support and encourage children. Promote, support and support children right from the start, and have the foundation for life that they can use again and again with ease.

Groove Love Kids

Ihr Dienstleister für die künstlerische Förderung von Kindern in den Bereichen Musik,Tanz,Darstellendes Spiel,Körpertraining 

Kindergarten & Schools

                                             Play dear child, play only as much as you can.

                           By playing, learning with ease and getting everything you need


                         Develop your own creativity, recognize fun and the importance

                                                  and thus become his own master.


You are looking for a project week, a weekly course, or an afternoon design? - I offer you a program tailored to the children. I go to the age and their mental and physical development, as well as their own wishes and ideas. Together we develop a program for the Students of their school or children of their daycare.


    Expand your program with Dancing, Performing Games, Music, Yoga ... u.v.m. Leave your craft to a    professional to crystallize the best. Achieve something in a playful way, through lots of fun, creativity and                                                       self-initiative leads to more self-consciousness.

 About rhymes, movements, games, togetherness, music, movement and relaxation, working differently and effectively. Here, potentials are developed that help to achieve this together to shape, to work out something that is available at any time.

                            Write me an e-mail about your wishes and ideas and I will be happy to contact you.

Kita & Schulen
Das Team


Fon  040.23806849 oder 040.29 89 68 46


Telegramm : GLK

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About Me


Singer and Teacher

for  Musical Education of Children, Dance & Performing

Specialist for Children and Babys


           Business Administration                         Personalmanagement


            Accounting Managment




Kita Alsterredder

Grundschule Alsterredder

Kita Brahmsallee

Elbkinder Kita Hohneredder

Kita Johannisland

Kita Sievekingsplatz



Grundschule Ohrnsweg

Grundschule Am Johannisland

Grundschule an der Glinde Au

Grundschule Karlshöhe

Grundschule an der Seebeck

Grundschule Schimmelmannstrasse

Grundschule Rahewinkel


Kinderkulturhaus KIKU

Kulturhaus Süderelbe

Duvenstedter Sportverein

Tanzschule La Belle

Sportspass Hamburg

Elternschule Altona


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